Harry Potter™ Little Keeper Baby Album

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Celebrate your little Keeper! This new Harry Potter Baby Book is a grey linen journal with 66 pages for collecting all of your magical memories from the baby shower through age 5 and the first day of school! We have also included a removable Hogwarts acceptance letter that you can give to your own little witch or wizard when they turn 11! The journal is a covered spiral for lay-flat ease of use and includes a pocket on the back cover and two sticker sheets. It’s gender and family neutral and the perfect gift for the magical and muggles alike to commemorate their new addition to the family!

Product specs
9” x 11-1/2” linen fabric wrapped hard cover with back pocket
8-1/2” x 11 acid-free cardstock pages (66)
2 Sticker sheets
Removable Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and envelope for parents to save for the 11th birthday