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Undated Hello Savings Classic Budget Happy Planner - 12 Months

Undated Hello Savings Classic Budget Happy Planner - 12 Months

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Know your worth. This Classic size Happy Planner is the perfect guide for a beginner trying to monitor spending or the advanced saver who loves organization. This layout was specifically designed to help you save with weekly expense charts, sections for spending reflection and motivation. Space to set and reflect on financial goals while monitoring unexpected expenses. Monthly calendar layouts with 12 dividers featuring bright prints, metallic foil accents, and motivational quotes to help you achieve your goals.

  • 12-month undated planner allows you to start saving whenever you want, it’s never too early or late to start! We've even included month stickers to label your dividers.
  • Classic size gives you room to plan and leaves space to add fun Happy Planner budget stickers and your own motivational notes.
  • Budget layout is ideal for focusing on managing expenses or these pages can be ripped out and added to your everyday planner as a reminder to stay on track.
  • Features areas to track household expenses like mortgage/rent, food, utilities, entertainment and personal spending.
  • Monthly budget challenges and tips on how you can work small steps to saving.
  • 12 dividers featuring fun prints and inspirational quotes.
  • Dimensions: 7”x 9.25”
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